Ataraxy -EP


“Ataraxy”- the latest release from Bee BoisseauBee Boisseau’s first release of the new decade…an EP entitled “Ataraxy”.  Ataraxy, which means “a state of being free of anxiety or mental disturbance”, is fresh new hip-hop project which features Crossrhodes emcee Wes Felton & newcomer Tilda Allie (pronounced Ali).

Bee Boisseau & Wes Felton join artistic forces once again to produce their now-familiar blend of rugged hip-hop drums, soulful melodies, & thought provoking content. The Swedish Tilda Allie joins the project from across seas & adds a international vibe on the single, “I Stopped (To Care)” with her voice’s soft spoken & soothing timbre.

“Ataraxy” is released under Bee Boisseau’s MrBawsaw Music & Media Group imprint and is available now on all digital music providers worldwide.
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Ataraxy -EP

featuring Wes Felton, Tilda Allie

MrBawsaw Music Media Group 2020

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