“Wanna Be (Where You Are)” ft Carmen Rodgers

In a time when distance is best for the good of our families & communities worldwide, many find themselves separated from a loved one.

Bee Boisseau & singer-songwriter Carmen Rodgers have come together to give us a record that speaks to the love that remains in the space between hearts.

Wanna Be (Where You Are)” comes from the production mind of  producer-artist Bee Boisseau (MrBawsaw Music & Media Group/DeVaughn Multimedia Group) from his forthcoming album, “Back To Love”. Resting gently on a smoothly danceable beat, Bee Boi’s warm chords & simple melodies prove an inviting tablet for Carmen’s (Foreign Exchange/Zo!) prolific pen. The two pair together nicely & have presented a work of art which sonically expresses the  longing that lovers feel when apart…a timely sentiment.

With all that’s going on, I just felt like this was the right time to put this out…to share it with the world. I wanted to give ’em that 90’s feel with the chords & drum fills and all that [stuff]…that just feels good, ya know? Nothing too deep musically… just good feelings all the way around.  I mean…I love this record…I love Carmen’s voice! Her pen is one of my favorites. She hopped in her “Brandy/Aaliyah bag” right quick…the exact 90’s vibe I was looking for for this one.   I mean it just all came together so perfect[ly].” -Bee Boisseau


“Wanna Be (Where You Are)” ft Carmen Rodgers is now available on all digital service providers worldwide.


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