Chillin’ On My Vibe EP

Chillin’ On My Vibe featuring Tilda Allie

With all that 2020 has brought us all over the world, “unbothered” has become a goal for many.Bee Boisseau & Tilda Allie haven’t connected transcontinentally to give us a “unbothered pop anthem”!

“Chillin’ On My Vibe” features London indie artist Tilda Allie and Bee Boi’s signature smooth hip hop rhythms but  with a pop twist. Tilda, who is also featured on Bee Boisseau’s early 2020 release, “Ataraxy”, sings the song of one who has resolved to “sit still” in the face of confusion and drama.

Prolific Hampton Roads Virginia underground em cee, Derek 32zero, makes a special appearance on the “Chillin On My Vibe” remix. The driving beat provides the perfect canvas for this very talented artist to paint a picture of self reflection, accountability, regret, and the loss of a lover who has simply decided to “chill”.

“Chillin’ On My Vibe” featuring Tilda Allie is available now on all DSP’s worldwide now!

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