New Release: “Bee U.” -EP

Bee U.“, the latest release from jazz musician Bee Boisseau on the MrBawsaw MMG recording label, is available in all major digital music marketplaces worldwide.

Bee U. is a smooth jazz EP, the third of Bee Boi’s solo releases, which features a combination of remastered and previously unreleased music.

Bee U.“, the EP’s title track and lead single, is a remastered release of a fun and danceable tune which features Bee Boi’s trademark smooth melodies over a driving hip-hop rhythm. Subtle yet funky guitar riffs add electricity and bounce. (Carl Lester-El -guitar)

Contemplations” is a slow and hypnotic groove which features an equally hypnotic melody. The pulse is infectious and makes for easy listening. (Alvin Spratley -bass)

Do You (Think of Me)” has a beat that just feels good and a haunting yet sweet melody which echoes the question in its title. Velvety vocals repeat a refrain that is sure to provoke loving nostalgia. (Robbie Cunningham -vocals)

Have a Good Time” is a playful and flirtatious tune. A smooth urban drum track helps carry the light and fun melody and lyrics straight to the heart.

Business As Usual” is a remastered lover’s song featuring the soulful and seductive voice of singer-song writer, Jarrard Anthony. The melodies and harmonies blend to create a sexy tapestry of intamacy.

Bee U. is available for steaming and download on Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, & all other major digital music outlets worldwide.

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